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Armstrong Restaurants

Sooner or later you’re going to feel hungry and when you do so you’re going to need some kind of nourishment. And if you want nourishment you’re going to need quality food from all the important food groups. If you’re headed up north or just happen to be headed through the small town of Armstrong the list below details all the best restaurants/diners/bistros/cafes. There’s sure to be one place below that’ll fill you up.


Brown Derby Cafe

Aside from having an awesome name for a cafe, this location also is very affordable with many reviews praising how full they were for what they paid. Here, you can find all the norms of a regular cafe (i.e. coffee, tea, snacks, sandwiches) but their staple here is their breakfast menu which many locals head down to enjoy every morning they get the chance. Relax and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere this location provides.


The Wild Oak Cafe & Community Market

Fade in, a bustling building with a welcoming exterior fills the scene. Close up of a stomach rumbling, it’s you, and it’s lunch time, but where do you go to eat? Today is a day where you want to avoid all that fast food. You go to that busy building since that’s the Wild Oak Cafe and Community Market. With friendly and welcoming staff you’ll have the food you want from kind, caring people. Some of the highlights here are special drinks, baked goods (try their cookies) and fun twists on sandwiches made with locally grown ingredients.


Tanuki Sushi House Inc.

Boom! Hunger hits you fast, you want something quick, but you’re not about eating out of a McDonalds today. Solution: go get some sushi! And what better place to go than the Tanuki Sushi House? With an authentic Japanese-feel permeading the restaurant you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Japan. Not only do they provide professional food presentation, but fantastic sushi as well that is guaranteed to fill you up. With both vegan and vegetarian options there’s something here for everyone.


Tucker’s Restaurant Ltd.

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it’s pretty crucial to getting through the rest of your day. So start your day off right with a quality breakfast at Tucker’s Restaurant. Reviewed highly for their stuffed hashbrowns and eggs benny, but not to be forgotten for their other menu options for all meals of the day you’re sure to have a flavourful meal for a great price. And rejoice people searching for gluten-free options, they have a great menu for them here! No matter your menu choice you’re ensured great service and even better food.


As you can see, despite the town’s small size, there are a number of tasty options for dining in Armstrong, BC!