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Health in Armstrong

Staying healthy is not only important to your health, but it’s also been shown to link with improved mental health. If you’re in the Armstrong area and looking for options to get active or resources if you’re struggling you’ve come to the right place! From outdoor activities to yoga facilities it’s easy to find the right activity for you to stay active. Below we’ve listed some of the best ways to get outside or the resources you may need if you’re struggling. Check a look!

Outdoor Activities:


It should come as no surprise this is on the list. As the cheapest, easiest way to get some exercise, it’s the “go to” for many people. Jogging also has several health benefits associated with it aside from helping you lose weight. One of the biggest benefits is helping to reduce your risk of heart disease (since jogging is a aerobic exercise) but it also has been shown to prevent some cancers. Jogging is a great choice to get started.

Hiking and Trails

One of the most convenient items on the list, walking the trails is a great way to get the blood pumping. Try starting out with the trails around Hidden Lake, many of them are easy to do and they all have the benefit of being somewhat short. As an added bonus, it’s a great spot to camp out or go fishing to relax.

Alternatively, try hiking Mount Rose Swanson if you’d like more of a challenge. With many ways to get up the trail including snowshoeing, horse riding and biking, you have plenty of options to get exercise the way you enjoy most. It has an outstanding lookout point as well. Snap that #nofilter selfie, post that to Facebook or Instagram (or both) and see your “likes” climb as you did hiking up the trail.

Indoor Activities:


If you’re looking for a more flexibility-focused exercise, yoga might be the best thing you’ve never tried. While typically done indoors, one of the unique options that Armstrong offers is from Drift Paddle Yoga where they do yoga on paddle boards out on the water. Yoga is also well-known for its ability to help deal with stress, as many of the exercises focus on relaxation and breathing. Because it also tends to calm the mind, yoga can greatly help people deal with anxiety much better (and even provide tricks to help control it on a daily basis). A great choice for young adults and up.

The Gym

While the words “the gym” may have some people sweating already at the thought of working out or being in the same environment as other people also working out, there’s no need to worry. Armstrong has both options for guys and gals with all gyms. For women, Curves is a ladies-only gym that provides a great environment to work out and participate in many fitness programs. For guys (and gals) there’s the Fitness 2 Life gym that offers both personal trainers and the equipment you need to “get jacked”. If you’re looking more for a dedicated program to lose weight or gain muscle Fit Body Boot Camp is a great choice for you. They’ll have you losing weight fast.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to stay fit during your stay in Armstrong!