Big Tex 70SR Tandem Axle Hydraulic Dump

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Manufacturer: Big Tex

GVWR: 7000 Lbs

Length: 10'

Brakes: Electric

Model: 70SR Tandem Axle

Axle Config: Tandem

Axle: (2)-3500lb.

Hitch Type: Bumper Pull

General Information

The 70SR Tandem Axle Single Ram Dump Trailer has an impressive carrying capacity of 5,100 pounds. If you want a dump trailer with a large capacity then the 70SR is perfect for you. Not only can this trailer support more than 4,000 pounds of weight, the box capacity is 3 cubic yards too.

This unit is equipped with straight ram hydraulic lifting system, Interstate battery, locking pump box, Led lights, and a spreader dump combo gate. Perfect for hauling mulch, dirt, gravel, and other light loads around the home or farm.


  • 70SR-10-5W 60” x 10’ Tandem Axle Single Ram Dump


  • Complete Break-A-Way System W/Charge Line
  • Tarp Brackets
  • Lights LED D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn,
  • Frame 5" Channel
  • Crossmembers 6" Channel
  • Bed Side Rails 3" X 2" Tubing
  • J-Hooks For Tie Down
  • 2-5/16" Stamped A-Frame Coupler
  • Fenders 9" X 72" DSB Diamond Plate
  • Tires ST205/75-15 6Ply
  • 7K TW Drop Leg (Bolted On) Jack
  • Tongue 5" Channel
  • (2) 3500 Lb Axles
  • Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Lockable Pump & Battery Box Mounted In Front Of Bed
  • Protective Wiring
  • 15" White Spoke Wheels
  • LED Light Pkg
  • Cambered Axles
  • Dexter Brand Axles
  • Rear Spreader Gate
  • 20" Sides W/ Formed Channel Supports
  • Double Rear Doors (5' Wide Only)
  • 7 Way Electrical RV Plug Connector


  • Crank Style Roll Tarp

3' Mega Ramps

The all NEW Mega Ramps are Strong and light. When closed, the Big Tex Mega Ramps give you a full deck space to use for Additional Cargo. Mega Ramps are double springed to allow them to be easily lifted and used. The 1/8″ diamond plate Ramp operates with an innovative Double Action spring system which allows the end user much more Versatility.

Aqua Decking

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Mega Ramps

Check out the NEW Mega Ramp design by Big Tex Trailers. The Mega Ramps are 44″ wide and when closed, give you a full deck space to use for additional Cargo. Mega Ramps are double springed to allow them to be easily lifted and used. The 1/8″ diamond plate ramp operates with an innovative double action spring system which allows the end user much more Versatility.

Pierced Beam Frame

By piercing the crossmembers through the main I-beam frame of all Big Tex gooseneck and heavy equipment products, these models have a lower deck height than traditionally manufactured trailers. This lower deck height allows the trailer to have a lower center of gravity, therefore creating a smoother pulling trailer behind the tow vehicle. The pierced crossmembers also created a more rigid frame structure that adds strength and longevity to the trailer.

Center pop

Center Pop-Up Dovetail The Big Tex Center Pop-Up Dovetail is a great option for adding versatility to your trailer. When in the closed position, you can load your trailer just like a standard dovetail, but when popped up, you instantly gain an additional 5′ of cargo area. The center pop-up dovetail is spring loaded and is extremely easy to use.

Knee Ramps

Big Tex Trailers is now proud to offer our best in class Knee Ramps, now available on the ET series model. •Quality-made ramps measure three feet tall and 20 inches wide, which reduce wind drag while our customers are towing. •These easy to use ramps are more versatile for any hauling job, allowing you to haul a wide variety of equipment due to their low loading angle and wide track design. •Made with a structural C-Channel Angle, Big Tex’s knee ramps are stronger than our competitors’ stand up ramps.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension

Big Tex brings a whole new meaning to HD by featuring a Heavy Duty Adjustable Suspension on all models with a GVWR of 23,000# or higher. This suspension is rated for a higher capacity and is also fully adjustable if the trailer were to get out of alignment.

4' Heavy Duty Rear Ramp Gate

Put your hands on our ramp gates and you will quickly see the Difference between this Gate and economy built ones. The Ramp Gates 2"x2" Heavy Tube Steel is sure to with stand the loading and unloading of the payload. When Compared to conventional angle iron gates you will notice that these gates are Heavier steel and Expanded Metal and are constructed with more Vertical Tubes. ( Built to Last ! )

Pipe Top Rail

Tough work calls for tough trailers, that’s why Big Tex utility trailers are equipped with pipe top rails. The top Rails keep your trailer Square and allow them to hold up, through the Rigorous test that our customers put them through.

Flush Mounted LED Lighting

Safety is something that we keep in mind every day at Big Tex Trailers. When you look at our lighting, you will notice that we use the safest lighting in the industry, LED lighting. This lighting is brighter, more dependable, and uses less power from the tow vehicle. Furthermore, LED lighting lasts longer than conventional incandescent light-hands down!

Scissor Hoist

The Scissor Hoist is the premier hoist system for commercial applications. When using a scissor hoist, the lifting pressure is spread over a wider surface area, less stress is placed on critical frame locations and is more efficient at lifting the bed. The wider base of the Scissor Hoist also makes it much more stable for raising and lowering of shifting or uneven cargo.

5 amp Charging Plug

Ever used your battery to the point that there was no charge? This plug allows you to charge your battery faster and from the dead state, without placing the battery on a separate charger.

Mesh Tarp Kit

By law, many municipalities require that dump trailers be outfitted with tarps. Our dump trailer tarp kit option helps ensure that your aggregate and/or cargo stays where it belongs until you decide otherwise. These trailer tarps are constructed of high-grade mesh and provides years of reliable use.

Loading Ramps for Dump Trailer

These ramps are stored in pockets at the rear of the trailer for easy use. Structural channel is used in order to provide a strong and durable ramp.

Channel Fold Back tongue

When it comes to trailers, Big Tex has designed the industry’s best tongue anywhere. They utilize channel to Reduce Condensation and Rust in the tongues to ensure that the tongue on your unit will not flex or fail when loaded. The Channel is Stronger and Thicker than many tube steel tongues in the marketplace.

Dampening Cylinder

Hydraulic dampening cylinder makes tilting up and down smooth and easy. The bed is cushioned as it gently comes to rest using a hydraulic dampening cylinder. Convenient, low maintenance tilt equipment trailers with no ramps to move, simply unlatch, tilt, and load.

Combo Gate Dump Trailer

Whether you want to dump, spread, or load our dump trailers in the rear, our dump trailers are designed to help you use your dump trailer the way it was intended to use. (not available on the 50SR, 70SR and 25DU model)

2 5/16" Ajjustable Square Crank Type

The heavy-duty, high-strength, fabricated steel construction and user-friendly, height-adjustable design of this square, gooseneck coupler make it the best for your towing application.

Lockable Pump & Battery Box

The hydraulic pump and battery is placed inside of a locking toolbox. This protects the hydraulic system from damage while also securing these high value components from theft

Double Rear Doors

The barn doors are also great for dumping bulky loads like firewood, scrap metal, and brush that could get jammed when using the a spreader gate.

HD Control Box

Hydraulic pumps and batteries inside of a locking toolbox. This protects the hydraulic system from damage while also securing these high value components from theft.

Light Protector

Helps Protect the forward facing lights from road Damage

Hydraulic Power Pack

Protected inside lockable compartment for piece of mind

Aluminum Tread Plate Stone Guard

A 16"-24"” high checker plate sheet, notched to fit the A-frame provides long lasting protection, and an attractive aluminum finish to the trailer.

Grease Zerks on Hinges of Optional Rear Ramp

Lubrication points located on the ramp hinges in order to keep lubricated and moving freely.

Molded ABS License Plate Holder with Light

This license plate holder is made from durable, black molded plastic and measures 14-1/4" long x 8-5/16" wide x 13/16" deep. Two screws included secure the license plate to the holder.

Silver Mod Wheels

Stylish and classy rims go a long way in increasing the look and Appearance of the trailer. These Powder coated silver Mod Wheels do just that.

Roof Vent

Get the ventilation you want when you want it. Heavy-duty steel base with transparent, white, all weather butyrate dome. Vent measures 14" square and has a dome which admits light into the cargo area.

5000 lb Recessed D Rings

5000 lb capacity recessed D-rings mounted into the floor of the unit. Extra strength to provide extra safety for your load.

No Show Beaver Tail

The Beaver tail reduces the ramp angle significantly and produces a safer and easier ramp angle to load vehicles with low ground clearance. It also increases the door opening clearance height an additional 4"

Triple Tube Tongue

Stronger structure which means less chances of cracking or breaking the trailer due to overloading ...

V Nose with Drop Down Spring Assisted Ramp Gate

By adding the optional front Ramp Door, you open up a whole new level of Versatility with Drive-off Unloading for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles,ATV's..... whatever your Power Sport vehicle may be.

24" V Nose Aluminum Stone Guard

A 24" high checker plate sheet, notched to fit the front of the V nose providing long lasting protection, and an attractive Aluminum finish to the trailer

Interior Steel Step

Available on the 8' and 8.5' wide only

Side Flow Thru Vents

Come in pairs for air flow through the trailer. these vents are fixed open to allow constant air flow.

Avaliable in Rear Ramp Gate or double Swing Doors

Comes with your choice of a Rear Ramp Gate or a Double Swing Doors allowing the easiest access to load your Cargo Trailer.

Interior Lights and Wall Switch

Interior light and wall switch for easy on/off function ( Number of interior lights will vary based on the trailer model)

ATP Rock Guard

16"- 24" high checker plate sheet, notched to fit the A frame provides long lasting protection and an attractive aluminum finish to the trailer

Loading Lights

Loading lights to assist in lighting up your loading area when light is an issue

Aluminum wheels

You may choose to dress up your trailer with aluminum wheels to give it that custom look.

Rubber Coin Flooring

Looking to dress up your cargo trailer... rubber flooring is both attractive and functional offering better protection from spills, easy clean ups & better traction

Wheel Chocks

Mounts to the floor & removable. holds your Motorcycles front wheel from moving while securing and in transport

White Vinyl walls and Ceiling

Upgrade to white interior. This option definetly brightens things up on the inside and presents a Bright, Fresh clean look for the Trailers Interior

Low Ryder Pan

Provides a lower approach angle and adds more interior clearance for the rear ramp door.

Fold Down Sabilizer Jacks

The fold down stabilizer jacks give stability to the rear of a trailer when loading.

Feezer Latch

For added security the freezer latch gives you this and more.

Rub Rail with Stake Pockets & Pipe Spools

Rub rail includes both stake pockets and pipe spools on 12" centers. These give you almost unlimited tie down points, while also strengthening the rub rail.

Dual Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jacks

The gooseneck trailer is equipped with two drop leg jacks that are spring loaded, saving you time and energy. When parking your trailer you simply pull the foot pin and press the jack foot to the ground, instead of having to crank to lower the jack foot. The spring loaded foot also quickly retracts to the up position to save even more time and energy.

Lockable Toolbox

Nestled conveniently between the uprights. This Large Tool box gives you ample room for carrying straps, binders, and tools

Side Bed Steps

Comes equipped with front side steps on both sides and handles connected to the bumper gusset. This makes climbing on to the trailer deck a simple and safe task.

12″ I-Beam Necks on Gooseneck

Gooseneck trailers all have 12” I-Beam neck and frames to give you the strength you need to haul your heavy load. Whether you are hauling backhoes, skid steers, tractors, or heavy pallets, a Big Tex Gooseneck is designed to get your load to the job site safely, without fail!

12" I Beam Frame

Equipped with an impressive 12” I beam frame for all out strength and Durability. As well it also increases the structural rigidity of the trailer when it come to all out hauling.

Diamond Plate Steel Wheel Wells

Diamond plate wheel wells are both strong and functional This allows the deck to be as low as possible without sacrificing deck strength.

Stow Away Ramps

These ramps are stored in pockets at the rear of the trailer for easy use. Structural Channel is used in order to provide a Strong and Durable Ramps.

Fender Guards

The fender guard protects against the unexpected and will keep your fenders looking good as new for years to come. This is all done without sacrificing payload space.

Rubrail and Tie Down Pockets

The Rub Rail adds not only protection to the trailer along the side but also provides Multiple Position tie town points to secure your load. These give you almost Unlimited tie down points.

Double Boke Diamond Plate Fenders (Removable)

The fenders are heavy gauge diamond plate steel for increased durability. They can also be easily removed for off-road use or easy replacement. Not only are diamond plate fenders tougher than the typical smooth plate, they also look tougher.

9" x 72" Teardrop Removable Fender

These fenders are stylish and functional. They can be easily removed for off road use or easy replacement.

Paddle Grabbers

Increases traction when loading & unloading.

RV Step

Provides for easier access to trailers that sit higher off the ground.

Tie Down Loops in Bed

These Sturdy steel D-Rings creates a Stable & Secure tie-down point within your trailer for securing Atv's, Utv's and other Cargo you may haul.

Recessed 2000 lb Floor Tie Downs

Secure anchoring points in which to fasten your cargo or what ever your power sports may be.

Rear Spreader Gate

Fullly Formed Shroud for Tarp

The Tarp is mounted underneath the tarp Shroud offering Protection from Material being loaded.

Aluminum Ski Hold Down Bar

Great for holding down ski's while snowmobiles are being transported

Swivel Tongue Jack zinc coated

Clear Zinc finish for corrosion protection

Tarp Bracket

Used when adding the optional Tarp to the trailer


Used as another anchor point for tie down straps

D-Rings Inside Bed

Heavy duty anchor points used to secure your equipment to when hauling it.

Adjustable Coupler 2 5/16"

These couplers are height adjustable to allow you to level the trailer with the towing vehicle.

Adj. Coupler 2 5/16

Makes it easy to adjust the coupler height to match your truck height

7-Way RV Plug

7 way plug that comes from the trailer harness.

4" Stow-Away Sled Ramp in rear

Stow-away ramp that stores under the rear and pulls out for loading your Machines from the back

Delux Salt shield (Fold Down)

Not only stylish, but it protects your power sports from road debris and convenient for loading and unloading your machines.

Ski Hold Down Bar with Plastic Sleeves

Used to secure the front ski's while transporting your snowmobiles.

Fuel Door

The fuel door makes it easier to fuel up your Machines

RV Awning

Great addition to your cargo trailer. You can get shade during hot days or protection during rain with RV awnings; as a result you can still sit outside without being affected.

Heavy Duty Corner Post Drop-Down Legs with Sand Pad

Great for those heavier applications where you need more stability when loading.

Horizontal Window with Slider & Screen

Adds more light and allows for air movement

Vertical window with Slider & Screen

Great for Trailer Door or the body of the cargo trailer.

RV Battery Box with 12v Deep Cycle Mounted to Tongue

Allows you to use the interior lights without being hooked up to a lead vehicle for a power supply

Interior Mounted Spare Tire on Wall

Optional spare tire with interior wall mount

Door Hold-Backs

To keep the doors in the open position when stationary

Escape Door Installed Over Fender

Side escape door for easy access to the driver's seat of your vehicle

Recessed Floor E Track

Recessed in floor E track is designed to hold numerous tie downs in multiple positions along the track. The recessed option keeps the E track flush and out of the way. A variety of tie downs are available for E track

4-way Flat Connector

4-way flat connector is designed to provide the electrical connection between the towing vehicle and the towed trailer.

Aluminum Stake Pockets

Used as tie downs to secure your load or to add walls to the trailer

Sealed Modular Wiring Harnes

The sealed modular wiring harness protects the wiring from water, dirt, and corrosion. Sealed wiring is protected from the elements, an since the harness is modular, repairs or replacement if ever needed are easy.

Split Ramp Gate

The split ramp gate option give the trailer a little more versatility for the user.

ATP Aluminum Wrap on Rear

The Aluminum Wrap on the rear is not only for protective purposes but stands out and gives the trailer a great look.

Blazer Appearance package

When you want to add a little more bling to your trailer. The appearance package consists of 6" aluminum tread plate on bottom of trailer.... Aluminum Tread plate front corners & also an Anodized Rear Hoop Wrap.

Aircraft Tie Down System

Used for securing the Motorcycles down to.

24" Smooth Anodized Aluminum

24" smooth anodized aluminum for the bling Factor

2" Formed Tubular Stop Rail

2" Formed Tubular Stop Rail is to assist you when loading your Equipment.

12,000 lb Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack

The Heavy Duty 12k spring loaded, jack saves you time and energy. When parking your trailer you simply pull the foot pin and press the jack foot to the ground, instead of having to crank to lower the jack foot. The spring loaded foot also quickly retracts to the up position to save even more time and energy.

Round Coupler 2 5/16" Adjustable

Allows you to adjust the coupler height to the height of the tow vehicle

Two Tone Slant Metal Exterior With Divider Strip

Any two colors available with optional divider strip. Show off your team colors or just dress up your trailer

DryMax Cargo Pannels

Benefits of DryMax Cargo Panels... Engineered to stay flat... Features enhanced durability, fastener-holding ability, stiffness and strength.... Moisture resistance through out panel

Extra interior height -12

Adds Extra height to the interior & doors openings for more head room and taller door openings

Extra Interior Height 6

Adds Extra height to the interior & door openings for more head room and taller door openings

Dexter Brand Axle

Clearly the best option in the industry in axles, Dexter combines quality, value, and consistency far above any other axle on the market today!

(4) Tie Down Sleeves

Great anchor points on the outside of the trailer for fastening straps or tarps to.

White Spoke Wheels

High Quality White Spoke Wheels to dress up the trailer.

Fabricated Stop Rail on Front

To assist you when loading....Prevents Wheels from going over the front of the trailer

Square Tunbing Ramps for Loading

These ramps are great to load your Atv's or Utv's and Can Be Used On Either the Sides or Rear when loading. They are 16" wide and 5' long so they making loading a breeze.

Double Swing Doors

Convenient rear swinging doors that swing outward and latch to the side of the trailer with the door hold backs. **( NOTE) On Car Haulers when adding the Double Swing Rear Doors option the "No See Beavertail" is omitted and trailer will come with a flat level floor

Aluminum Overhead Cabinet 48"

The Overhead Cabinet with its Aluminum construction is both Light Weight and Attactive. It works great when it comes to storing Helmets or Gear that you want to take along with you.

Stainless Steel Storage Rack for Gear 48"

The Stainless steel rack can be used for a multitude of items you may take on your journey, ie Helmets,Boots,Gear and more....

Clear Lens LED Clearance Lights (Snake Eye)

Stylish and Sleek looking, these Snake Eye Clearnce Lights really make your cargo trailer stand out. They are both Attractive and Functioal. LED lights draw less Power from the lead vehicle then incondescent lights and last much Longer.

Clear Lens LED Strip Tail Lights

Stylish and Sleeker looking then the tradional red oval lights, these Clear Lens Strip Lights really make your cargo trailer stand out. They virtually blend with trailer and do not become visible until actuated. They are both attractive and functional. LED lights draw less Power from the lead vehicle then incondescent lights and last much Longer.

Semi-Style Camlock Door Latch

This cam latch lock side-door bar lock assembly is perfect This cam latch lock assembly provides a secure way for you to lock your cargo trailer.

36"RV Door Upgrade

An RV Door is an Insulated door that has more mass to it and gives you a more Solid Door. It also is fitted with an RV lock which allows you to lock it both from the Outside as well as the Inside. Not only does this provide Extra Security for the Cargo Trailer from the Outside but it allows you the option to stay Inside the trailer and Lock the door from the Inside!

Safety-Spring Chains on Side Door

The Safety-Chain is an added extra touch. It prevents the door from slamming into the trailer when opening the side door in not so favoratable conditions.

Combination Cam Bar Lock & RV Lock

When you upgrade to an RV Door double your Security with both an RV Lock and a Camber Bar Lock Kit combo..

4' Overhead Aluminum Cabinet in V-Nose

The Overhead Cabinet with its Aluminum construction is both Light Weight and Attactive. It works great when it comes to storing Helmets or Gear that you want to take along with you.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder Racks

Ladder Racks work great for carrying Ladders or Longer Materials to free up valuable Interior space... Aluminum Ladder Racks are Light Weight and will not Corrode

Exterior Aluminum (Avaliable in 14 Colors)

Optional Colors are Available

Diamond Plate Knife Edge on Rear

This Tail lays flush to the ground eliminating the "bump" that you would normally have to drive over. This is especially useful when Loading Equipment with small wheels, winching vehicles onto the deck or Loading in Wet/icy conditions

Spring Assited Gates

The Spring Assisted Gate takes the strain out of lifting and lowering a utility trailer gate.

Fold Flat Gate

This reduces wind drag, improving fuel economy when towing the trailer empty.. Another added benefit is the ability to haul over length cargo such as lumbers and ladders.

Quad Ply Decking

** Skid resistant under both wet and dry conditions. ** Protects subsurface from oil, solvents and grease. ** Washable with soaps, cleaning agents and pressure washers. ** Maintains a "like new" look longer than treated wood.

Water Resistant Decking

Built with AdvanTech® flooring for award-winning performance you can rely on. Specifically engineered to combine industry-leading strength & superior moisture resistance. Highly Compressed Material.... High panel density helps reduce water absorption into the panel, even under harsh weather conditions.

5' Fabricated Ramps

The Removable 5' fabricated ramps are sure to assist every time with the loading. They cradle on the side of the trailer and act as part of the side rail.

Polybead Flooring Upgrade

Upgrade to Polybead Flooring Chemical, moisture, and mold resistant cargo trailer flooring

Carpet Wainscot Upgrade

Wall Appearance Package

LED Rope Light

110v Package

110 Volt Package Includes: • (2) 4' Fluorescent Lights with (1) Wall Switch • (2) Interior Wall Recepts • Exterior Wall Recept with GFI • 30-Breaker Box

4’ Tall Channel Stand Up Ramps

Channel stand up ramps